Log Cabin Plumbing: Materials and Equipment

Building a log cabin can make you feel like you have traveled back a hundred years or more to frontier life. However, you probably don’t want you back-in-time rustic experience to include outdoor plumbing, so you need to know the proper materials and equipment for log cabin plumbing.

Since modern-day log homes are built on foundations, the plumbing that goes in the ground is generally the same as what goes in a regular house.

The big difference with a log house is what goes in the walls. Because the insulation isn’t usually as good in a log cabin home, you will likely not want to put any plumbing pipes on an exterior wall because of the risk of freezing if you live in a colder climate. Instead, if you need to install plumbing on an exterior wall, you will want to build an interior stud wall next to it to protect the pipes.

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